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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  February 19, 2011 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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beating the champions, the human champions. the challenge received all kinds of human attention. some calling it the end of humanity. when computers become more intelligent than humansing the future unpredictable because humans will lack the ability to imagine it. ken jenings says it is just a thing and it has an off switch. that is a wrap on "news watch." see you next week. an illegal alien in
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virginia addlely murder 20s people and david beckham loses big in court. >> i just wanted to ask you the question. >> is this an ambush? listen, this is not how you do an ambush, man. >> why not? >> you got to have a real camera, first of all. this is a little j vi. >> and a far left loon confronts factor producer. it didn't turn out women for guy.ll for the >> you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now! >> i'm bil bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the factor are will solve the deficit crisis right here tonight. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. president obama held a press conference saying that his budget for 2012 is responsible and will help the country. as you know, the 2012 spending
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ceiling is $3.7 trillion. deficit $1.1 trillion. many economists saying that is far too high. also rather embarrassing that the president's own debt commission says he is not doing nearly enough to solve the financial crisis in america. tonight talking points hits a very simple strategy. the u.s. government must go back to 2008 and spend the same amount of money that it did before the recession hit. the budget in 2008 of the $2.9 trillion. $2.9 trillion. almost a trillion dollars less than the 2012 proposal. the deficit in '08 was $458 billion, 60% lower than the projected deficit in '12. let's go back to 2008. that would mean the defense department would get $612 billion instead of $884 billion. department of energy would get $21 billion instead of $30 billion and the department of education would get 66 billion instead of 77. now, the department of
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education spending is insane. most states the property taxes fund public schooling. in new york i pay a high property tax. also, education is not about money. it is about discipline. as you know, if you read bold fresh there were 60 kids, six zero, in my school class. one nun. somehow all of the kids learned the basics, even me. and the school didn't have money at all. the feds have an obligation to help schools in poor district. there is no obligation to spend $77 billion a year to supplement local funding. is everybody getting the math here? as to entitlements, in 2008, spending on medicare was $386 billion. president obama wants $485 billion, $100 billion more just four years later. come on! the reason healthcare costs are out of control is because there
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is little competition and discipline imposed on the industry. fraud is through the roof. social security payments in '08, $612 billion. in '12, $761 billion. this can't go on. the age requirement has to be raised. president said today that he is taking a scalpel rather than a machete to the budget. we can't afford the 2012 budget. let's go back to 2008. simple formula. doable. and it must be done. that is the memo. reaction from lou dobbs in a moment. first our barack and a hard place memo. another brilliant memo. >> i think you are on the right track. >> right track? >> yeah, but i think there are places we could cut even more cuts. in the military we could have closed some of these bases around the world. we have hundreds and hundreds of bases that cost us something
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like $102 billion and they want $145 million for the new year for the bases that are world war ii related. ridiculous. >> i'm not opposed if the bases are obsolete to doing that. but, overall i think if we did go back to 2008, monica, all right, as ground zero, as a starting point, that would make the whole thing -- look, my head is going to blow off if i have to continue covering this story ladies and gentlemen. they are going to carry me out of here on a stretch, all right, that is how insane, oh, no, this, that, i don't want to hear it any more. 2008, we go goldman sach back . are you all right with that? >> that is what most of the republicans have been talking about to roll back federal spending to the '08 level. >> bill: i never heard that before. >> the republican party has been talking about rolling back. >> bill: i never heard that. >> the entire republican leadership. paul ryan.
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>> bill: 2008 levels. >> 2008 levels. that was their spending target and budgetary target because it is a prebailout level. a prestimulus level and also the preinflated budgetary baseline level. remember, the last two, two plus years this administration and the democratic congress so inflated federal spending by 25%, bill, that what the democrats and the president have been talking about is locking those levels in. okay, well, free spending but the spending levels are so inflated. fact, a lot of bureaucracies the last two years, bill, have seen increases of 30, 40 and even in some cases 100%. >> bill: this is what i'm saying about my head blowing off. we have to simplify this thing. what do you think, holmes, about the debt commission? >> they want to do incredible cuts on things like medicare and medicaid. >> bill: you don't like that? >> i don't like that at all. the $184 billion added to the deficit rather because they don't want to give tax breaks to billionaires.
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that is costing almost a trillion dollars. >> bill: the lowest tax rates that we had since truman was president, b, by the way. >> i don't know if that is true. >> bill: i have the little tax thing in front of me. you want a free throw gressive tax, that is okay. that is not the topic. the top sick the budget. >> that is the budget. that increases the problem with the deficit. >> bill: let me break this to you gently, colmes. >> it costs money to keep lowering taxes. that adds to the deficit. >> can i correct this? tax cuts don't cost money. >> they do. >> spending costs money. >> bill: i don't want to talk about this and i will vaporize you both, all right? it is the budget. it is what you spend money on, not how you raise money. it is what you spend it on, that is the budget. now, kirsten bowles is a democrat. simpson a former senator is a republican. they come back and say to
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president obama thank you for appointing us, here is what you have to do and president obama ignores it. >> neither republicans nor democrats have the will to cut. >> bill: i'm asking you about president obama ignore his own debt commission. is that unsettling to you? >> unsettling that both sides are ignoring it. i think the cuts are too steep in the wrong places. >> bill: but it was his own debt commission. >> okay. well, he doesn't like what they had to say. neither do republicans. neither side will cut where they want to cut. >> bill: is it unsettling for you? >> yes, it is unsettling because the leadership on the entire federal budget where we need to rein in spending and shrink the budget must come from the president of the united states. a couple of weeks after he was inaugural rated he told the american people he was going to cut the deficit in half. he has since quadrupled it. >> bill: but we would have been in a depression if he didn't do that. >> you can debate whether or not we should have done the trillion dollars stimulus.
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you said you didn't want to talk about it. >> bill: the stimulus kept us out of the depression. this is why people's heads are blowing off. you can't prove or disprove that. >> last week gallup released a poll that said 68% of those who responded 68% of americans said they disapprove of the way obama is handling the federal budget deficit. that was before he released this budget which means this is a very politically toxic thing for him. it is. and this is what the raps have to run on. have have to agree a good place to start is the 2008 spending. >> i would say get more aggressive. i would say argue about going goldman sachs to '08 or 04 -- going back to '06 or '04 levels. >> i would like to go back to 1883. >> it is not -- what we have now is an absolute nanny state. >> you want competition in healthcare? have a public option. have a public option.
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>> bill: they can't eat pizza any more. you want to have competition in health have a public option like we could have had. >> bill: with the government getting involved in the healthcare, what do you think that is going do. >> it would be competition. >> competition is letting the insurance companies compete. further more the deficit as a percentage of the gdp is not as high as it has ever been. adjusted for inflation. >> bill: this is why people hate you, all right. your head blows off. >> harry truman didn't spend that much money. >> bill: you're worse than beck with woodrow wilson. >> the taxes are lowest -- we have the lowest taxes ever -- >> bill: is that possible? >> we have the lowest taxes we ever nadya this country. >> bill: i got to go. i'm going to put electricity in your chair. >> next on the rundown, lou dobbs will weigh in on the president's budget and the country raising nearly $500 billion next year. how is that going to happen?
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lou knows. and the factor producer ambushed by a far left loon. you don't want to miss this one, upcoming.
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>> bill: continuing now with your lead story. here now, fox news business anchor lou dobbs. is it realistic to go back to 2008 for spending? >> absolutely. and as you suggest, it is not only realistic, bill, it is absolutely critically
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necessary. >> bill: imperative that we do that. take it back three years, say this is what we are going to spend in 2012, exactly what we spent in 2008. or we are going to start the debate there. start it there. if there are pressing needs we could up it a little bit. if there aren't we could down it a little bit. i'm glad you agree with me on that because you know this stuff much better than i do. in president obama's budget and colmes is trying to pedophile the issue. he wants to raise $493 billion next year to fund the 2012 budget. where is that coming from? >> it is coming from rein statement of the payroll tax. the little holiday that we had for this -- >> bill: the payroll tax comes back but that is social security, right? >> it is social security but also influences the budget and then you add to that taxes on oil and gas. and tax on insurance companies. there are a list of taxes in this thing, bill, that are
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not -- >> bill: is there corporate taxes? >> corporate taxes, absolutely. this is the guy who is going to be the friend of business, right? >> bill: is imposing taxes on the corporations, oil, gas and insurance. they going to pass it on to the consumer i assume. that is what they always do? >> absolutely. one of the things about the high tax rate we pay in this country which is one of the highest in the world but the reality is those taxes flow through to the consumer and that adds to our tax burden which is already. >> bill: also guts the earning power of the middle class because they have to pay more for everything they do and almost a hidden tax on folks because folks pay nor fees. >> exactly. >> bill: now, you don't quickle with the fact that the president probably will be able to raise probably $500 billion more through fees around the reinstitution of the payroll tax. that will be there? >> i don't quibble with it. i would argue against it. >> bill: it is in your opinion
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not good economic strategy but the money will flow in. now, when you look at the -- i got to -- because i'm a former teach they are $77 billion for the department of education, every year it goes up and up and up and up and up and, yeah -- >> and what are we getting for it? test scores going down, down, down. >> bill: right. and look, there is a lot of reasons, intrusino from the internet. bad parenting. >> lousy teaching. lousy administration. insufficient support for the community school and local. >> bill: don't you pay a lot of property taxes to fund your public schools. >> gladly. >> you are writing a big check and it goes right into the schools, right? >> right. >> bill: so why do they need 77 billion north dakota that. addition to if they weren't providing the federal government 8% of the dollars spent on education what
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would be their hook on education, how could they intervene in what is a local government issue? >> bill: so they want that power over. >> absolutely. >> bill: can't they keep the spending down? >> of course. >> bill: why do they raise it every year? >> what are they buying. they are buying simple control of the cool districts. they are interseedin intercedin the state. public education is a major problem in my opinion. >> bill: i have to say i want be social security age to raised two or three years. i know people won't agree. >> all of the above is true but we are facing a crisis as you are pointing out right here right now. >> bill: if they did raise it just two years, to start, all right. >> right. >> bill: that would save an enormous amount of money, would it not? >> it doesn't even have to happen forker in decade.
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>> bill: why? >> because the truth of the matter is what we have got to bring under control is an active federal government that is intruding into every corridor of american society and american lives. we don't need -- think about it this way, too, if i may suggest, bill. the $1.65 trillion deficit we are going to have in fiscal 2011. >> bill: right. >> is the size of the entire federal government 14 years guy. that is how fast government is growing. and it is not about jut entitlements. it is about the number of employees. over three million in the federal government right now. >> bill: i know. >> doing what? >> bill: now, you heard president obama's press conference today. do you believe this issue is hurting the president? >> i think it is a horrible political mistake on his part. i think he will pay a price for this in 2012 because this is not a serious document, this budget. he is already getting flak and backlash from across.
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>> bill: lou dobbs, everyone. thank you, lou. directly ahead, will ron paul destroy the republican party? you saw donald trump get booed at cpac because of paul. john stossel analyzes the situation, next. blamser for all over relief! hiyah! dude! everyone has someone to go heart healthy for. who's your someone? campbell's healthy request can help. low cholesterol, zero grams trans fat, and a healthy level of sodium. it's amazing what soup can do. each day was fueled by thorough preparation for events to come. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living but you see, with the help of her raymond james financiaadvisor, she had planned f every eventuality.
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>> bill: stossel matters segment tonight. donald trump is considering a run for the presidency and spoke to a conservative group. he stirred the crowd up by saying congressman paul could not win the republican nomination for president. mr. paul replied. >> i have won 11 times so i don't know whether he has earned the, you know, the right to criticize somebody for not winning an election when i don't know how many elections he has won so far himself.
3:23 pm
>> bill: john stossel, i think it is about real -- being realistic and ralph nader, he can't win, correct? ralph nader can't win. >> can't win. shouldn't win, glad he didn't. >> bill: remember harold statson used to on run every y. >> i can't remember. i'm old but not old to remember that. >> bill: congressman from texas, ron paul. popular in his district. he is too radical to win and everybody is upset. i think it is the truth. >> i don't think it is the truth. the reason we have elections is because we don't know who might win. and you are now talking about cutting the budget. ron paul has been talking about that for years. his time may have come. >> bill: okay, come on, stossel, you are not telling me that you think ron paul can win the republican nomination? i know you are not sitting here telling me that.
3:24 pm
>> i'm not say that paul should run. >> bill: i want paul to run. an interesting guy and has a lot of energy and he can challenge the frontrunner. run, mr. paul, if you want to. he can't win, stossel. >> i didn't think barack obama could win the democratic nomination. >> bill: that is a whole different deal. ron paul wants to abolish most of the federal government. he doesn't want to intervene anywhere overseas any time including if we are attacked. he doesn't want to be in afghanistan and we were attacked from afghanistan. >> and we took out the people who attacked us. >> bill: and he wants to leave. >> so do i. >> bill: but then they will come back and reconstitute and attack us again. >> we will attack them before. before. >> bill: you want to spend billions of dollars. >> i don't want to spend anything. >> and be there for 15 years. >> bill: there is a realistic reason why in most cases we do what we do. paul is an isolationist. he doesn't want to get involved
3:25 pm
in anything overseas even though we have a worldwide economy and he wants to abolish the department of education and the irs. >> yes, yes. we have a worldwide economy. that doesn't mean government tries to manage it. >> bill: it means that certain entities need to be protected like south korea. >> south korea is a rich country. it can protect itself. it is not our job. >> bill: not from a nuclear north korea it can't. >> it certainly can. >> bill: no it can't. >> we need 30,000 solderies in south korea? >> i don't know if we need that many. i know you like paul's philosophy. >> yes. >> bill: and that is fine, stossel. but he is not going to win because most people don't want that big a change. even if it is true. >> even if it is true that he couldn't doppler. >> bill: are you willing to bet me. i will bet you ron paul doesn't win one primary if he runs.
3:26 pm
not one. are you willing to sit here and bet me a thousand dollars for wounded warriors? >> sure. >> bill: yes! cha ching. all right, donald trump. i don't think the donald is going to run. i think he does what he always does. a lot of attention. brings out some interesting issues. you say? >> i like donald trump. he is wrong about a lot of things. he says we aren't manufacturing anything any more when in fact manufacturing is going up. i think he is wrong about ron paul and if he runs i bet paul gets more votes than donald trump. i will put a thousand bucks on that. >> bill: i'm not going to do that because i don't think the donald is going to run. would he get more than paul? probably. i don't want to be rooting one way or the other 86 just don't. i'm not going to root against paul, if he wins a primary i will write a check that is more than a thousand for wounded
3:27 pm
warriors. john stossel, there he is charles krauthammer wants to sh analyze the candidate. we will do that. raisin bran with 100% of the daily value of 11 essential vitamins and minerals, juicy raisins and crunchy whole grain flakes. guess it's all about what kind of crunch you like. how are you getting 100%?
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>> bill: a factor proproducer jesse waters occasionally does man on the street interviews with people who dodge the factor. some groups like think progress do not like jesse. they are, of course, misguided. some nebish from that group caught up with waters in washington. >> are you jesse waters? >> what is that? >> are you jesse waters? >> who will you? >> i'm fenton from big >> what is up. how are you doing? >> i want to ask you a question. >> is this an ambush. this is not how you do an ambush. >> why not? >> you have to have a real camera. you have to get a crew and get
3:31 pm
a sound guy. >> why, what is the -- >> you know, this is kind of a little jv. i got too teach you some things. >> i never made the varsity team in high school so i don't know what it is like. >> looks like you are little jv. >> i wanted to ask you, there is a report out a couple of days ago about a fox news insider saying that fox news just makes stuff up and it as propaganda outfit for the gop. i was wondering what you think about that? >> well, first of all, when you do these things, you kind of got to like start, you know, hey, how are you doing. you know. what is your name. >> what do you think about it? >> introduce yourself. >> usually when i do these things i say hi, jesse waters. >> i did introduce myself. >> i'm with fox news, nice to meet you. like a smile au usually helps t first. >> what do you think about that story? >> the other thing is when you approach someone with a camera
3:32 pm
phone, it is just kind of weak, you know what i mean. kind of weak. >> so you don't have any comment on that story? do you not have a comment on it? do you think that fox makes stuff up? >> you are using a camera phone, bro. >> answer the question, yes, or no. do you think fox makes stuff up? yes, or no? >> do i think fox makes stuff up? >> yes. >> that is your question? >> yes. >> another little piece of advice when doing the ambushes or whatever. if the question is very important and i don't think you are really bringing it with that question. i think you need to go back and try again. >> so yes or no. >> try again and come back with like more hard hitting questions. >> bill: here now is waters.
3:33 pm
>> -- that was the perfect way to hand that will. so the audience knows the dopey media matters outfit a website ransom kind of blind report, right? >> yeah. >> some former fox news employees, not named, correct? >> correct. >> no name on it. >> said that we make stuff up. >> right. >> so this moron comes out there and says are you making stuff up? most people would say no, we don't make stuff up but you were brilliant in the sense that you don't even answer the question, it's stupid. >> i don't want to dignify the guy with a response. the reason we put waters on is because we have a new segment, water world. it is going be jesse waters but it is going to -- like the movie which was a huge bump. we are going to send you out to talk to younger americans about issues. the first one is a week from tomorrow. what are you going to talk about? >> about what michelle obama said about facebook.
3:34 pm
she said she doesn't want young people on facebook. we are hitting the streets and talk together youth and taking polls and jousting with them a little bit. this they are very passionate about this. they are interested in security issues, sex issues online. privacy issues. facebook is like a drug to them so they take is very, very personally. >> bill: mrs. obama doesn't like the facebook thing and you will say what do you think about her opinion and actually ask a question unlike the guy you met in washington and they will answer you and have a debate. >> back and forth and take their polls and if they say it is something stupid i willle smack them around a little bit. >> bill: no smacking. i have to do that. be gentle and do exactly what you did with the guy. have fun with it. i love the jv line. that was good. >> so no smacking around, i got it. >> bill: that will just be good. and we want to see what the younger people he have, if they can debate the issue with you. we are looking forward to it. if you want to see the entire ambush but i think you got the flavor of it. it is on fox nation.
3:35 pm
>> fox nation .com. check it out. >> reporter: which waters participates in every day, right? >> right. >> bill: good for you. a week ago waters launches his segment. an illegal alien charged with murdering two people and a member of the minute men convicted in arizona. [ robin ] quality and reliability are more than words here.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly. the legal segment tonight. arrested this man, 37-year-old jose reyes. an illegal alien from el salvador. he is charged with killing his former girl friend and her son. 2001 he entered the u.s. illegally. if 2002 he was ordered deported but that never happened. here now to chronicle the situation, ki kimberly guilfoye and elise wheel. >> why was was he in the
3:39 pm
country? there there were two prongs with ins and other services. he wasn't given a deportation order until 2006. >> bill: didn't he have low level criminal beef? >> he had a low level criminal beef in 2004. it was a misdemeanor and he was charged with assault and battery and then the deportation order came through in 2006, all right billy that is two years after the date. >> that is the problem because he had a double track system. >> bill: i don't understand double track. i don't get that. >> we have ice and the judge says we will deport him. then he went on to another system called the u.s. citizenship and immigration services which gave him temporary status. >> bill: why did they give h him temporary status. >> i spoke with a high level official at ice and she said that is a benefit organization. they give out the goodies apparently. >> bill: why would he get a goody if he is convicted of
3:40 pm
assault and battery. >> because it as low level beef. our resources are such that we can only concentrate on the murderers and rapists. >> bill: it is that we shouldn't have any benefits be given to illegal aliens that commit crimes. >> kimberly: it is a reward system. commit a crime and you are getting reward and you will be able to apply for a temporary legal status. >> why? on what basis. he is a criminal. >> bill: it is outrage. >> it is outrageous. they should do away with it. >> bill: and you wonder why people have no confidence in the federal government. this guy is in jail for bruteally kick these three people and will go to prison in life. exact opposite on the political spectrum in arizona. a woman member of the minute men breaks into an illegal alien house. pick it up. >> it woman has problems otherwise. this really isn't about immigration.
3:41 pm
this is a woman who is a criminal working with this group to do. >> bill: she is a criminal herself. >> the organization is minutemen american defense otherwise known as mad. did i a lot of research and the case and essentially she was using this organization to say i'm going to do ripoff of drug cartelles to fund my group. >> joined the group to find out where illegal aliens. >> started. >> she got kicked out of the minute men. >> she was such a nut that she got kicked out of minute men and started her own. >> bill: she would enter suspected drug dealers home and steal their drugs. >> she knew they had $4,000 in drug money. killed the man and a nine-year-old child. >> bill: she killed a nine-year-old. >> and the mother of the nine-year-old was on the phone at the time. >> does she get the penalty. >> she is eligible for the
3:42 pm
death penalty. her defense is it wasn't me, it was the girlfriend of one of mycodefendant. >> bill: she was convicted of the murders so she is going to go. >> and she should and the minutemen organization. >> bill: we want to emphasize that she was kicked out. >> not part of the minutemen. one kicked out within 40 minutes of attending her first meeting. >> she lied. >> bill: formed her own stupid organization as a cover. >> correct guilherm. >> got what we deserved. david beckham. this is an interesting case. a magazine wheel pays a prostitute $50,000, right. >> for the interview. >> bill: the prostitute says that beck hall used her services and what else? >> hughes her services many times. beckham's response was absolutely false. i was with my ailing father in london at one are the times she says. >> bill: did the woman in the
3:43 pm
interview interest any corroborating evidence. >> in touch says they corroborated it and her story. >> bill: is it in the article? >> no, that is what they said. >> in the article all it is is a woman being paid $50,000. >> they don't mention that in the article either. >> bill: but we know she was paid $50,000. >> right. >> bill: but i want to get this clear. in the article all it is, is one woman paid $50,000 to say beckham used my services. >> and you talked to this woman. >> i met her on fox news with geraldo rivera. she was on the show with us. this happened back in 2007 but presently she has some psychological problems that appeared and substance abuse issues witnessed by everybody who was present. >> so in your professional opinion she has no credibility at all. >> bill: no. now, the judge throws the lawsuit against the magazine out saying there was no malice.
3:44 pm
so you have a woman who you say is unstable. >> yes. >> bill: who has been paid 50 k and there is no corroboration at all on what she says and the judge say there's is no malice you have to back up and look at u.s. law. you have to prove actual malice. that means that the paper went out there with reckless disregard of the truth or knowing that they were publishing something that wasn't true. this is with public figures, not private figures. what the magazine said and the judge bought and i think the judge was right on this. we did try to corroborate with the woman. >> bill: corroborated what? was there evidence presented? >> no, they didn't -- >> bill: was there evidence presented in court. >> they didn't give up their source. >> i asked this woman this question which david beckham and his attorneys weren't allowed to ask this woman questions to prove his
3:45 pm
innocence. >> bill: stop it, wheel, you know as well as i do it is malicious to put that in print. >> right, irresponsible. >> bill: if you can't prove it under these circumstances. >> i agree. but under u.s. law you have to basically have a u.s. saying -- >> bill: i hope you appeal this because this is wrong. i don't care, you can hide behind the law all you want. the judge could have ruled the other way and could have ruled malice because there is no corroborating evidence. >> this is about his day in court. >> bill: it is not hard for me. you can interpret the law. pin heads do it all the time. >> and he sued in germany for a publication and won. >> bill: standard is different. >> but give him his day in court. >> bill: i got to go. in a moment, charles krauthammer will evaluate the republican presidential candidates. then, why is president bush the elder crying? we'll tell you what happened there. welcome in a moment. [ male announcer ] for fastidious librarian emily skinner,
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>> bill: back of the book segment. we mentioned the straw poll for ron paul shook down his way. mitt romney with 23%. joining us from washington, fox news analyst charles krauthammer. kind of a weird straw poll, wasn't it? >> that is because it was a weird group that we are talking about here. these are ron paul libertarians. he wants to repeal the patriot act and demolish the fed and get out of all of our involvements overseas. i'm not sure where ron paul is on the louisiana purchase but i'm sure it is kind of an iffy position. what you have of the group cpac is a lot of college college
3:50 pm
students who all want to be rand and soon they will grow up and become conservatives. i wouldn't put a lot into the poll because the group is kind of a frigid group. it is not twilight zone fridge. more sort of offshore floating on a raft out there in the gulf of mexico. mainline conservatives are not the going to elect a ron paul. nobody ever heard of ghauri johnson and legalizing pot is not going be a big agenda. republicans can do that as well. >> bill: the liberal media loves this because they can go in there and say this is what republicans really are like and that is why cpac gets a lot of attention. mitt romney did show up. he is a main line guy and so lent it a little bit of la gait matcy, did they not. >> and there was romney and mitch condition daniels. pawlenty. a lot of respectable guys.
3:51 pm
why not go there. the end, those college students and their buddies in the end will vote for the republican candidate whoever he is in november 2012. >> bill: do you think a donald trump possible candidacy seriously or think it is a publicity stunt? >> no, it is not serious. he is a builder, he is not a president. >> bill: so you think he is doing this why? just to get attention. >> why not. it is fun. get a little adu lation and get to tell the crowd ron paul has no point. you get yeared a bit. and you and i were talking about it on the number one show in cable. why not? >> bill: i'm not saying there is anything wrong with any of this. i think ron paul's participation in the election is a good thing because he challenges people and throws things out there. any one who wants to run is become to run. i think he doesn't have any chance at all, ron paul. does all of this, let's say fringe stuff harm the
3:52 pm
republican party? >> no, opportunity think so. i think what is pam -- no, i don't think so. what is harming them right now is they have a weak field. they have a strong bench actually. they have three guys on the berchl who will not be the candidate in 2012 but will be in the future of the party. mar co-rubio, the senator -- marco rubio. the senator from florida. chris christie the governor from new jersey. the guy who is not afraid to speak his mind. and then you have paul liian, the new head of the budget committee in the house. all of them could be taken as number two. none is really mature enough or at least in the game long enough to be a serious 2012dential contender in 202 and that is the problem because the remaining candidates, the established candidates all have a lot of political baggage and they will be running against an incumbent president.
3:53 pm
not easy to do. >> i see mitt romney as a frontrunner. do you agree with that? >> he also almost everything. he is a good guy. did reasonably well, the last time around. won one problem and that is that he had a romney care, a healthcare initiative -- >> i think if you wanted to -- >> if he is going repudiate it, it as bit late. he stuck with it and the problem is this bill. the main plank against the president and any republican is going to be expanding the size and scope and reach of government and the number one exhibit is obama care. >> bill: no doubt about it. >> in massachusetts that is almost the equivalent has got an individual mandate, it is very hard to make that case. that is the problem romney has and he hasn't solved it yet. >> bill: thanks very much. pin heads and patriots on-deck. the elder bush breaks down and cries. we'll show you what happened,
3:54 pm
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pin heads and penetrates starring the bush family. first your response to our charity and campaign to help the fisher house. nye notes on the super bowl sunday interview with president obama. the president signed the original so you will get his facilities simly and my real signature. cost is $500 and goes to the fisher house charity which provides housing to the families of our wounded military people. as i said last night it is heart breaking to see little children have to live with their wounded moms and dads in
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3:58 pm
washington. bill attar, cold spring, minnesota. mr. o'reilly, calling your interview with president obama raceless is classless and low but the lowest ever for the far left? why because they went after you? >> no, because they are using race as a weapon. so many americans simply tune out after hearing all of this nonsense. congratulations bill. when bill maher and his ilk reach for the race card it is because they can't argue the merits so you win. captain brett everhart. what you are doing for my fellow marines, bill, brought a tear to my eye. you are patriots for supporting the fisher house. coming from you can't, a high compliment. i thank you. diana from alaska. i'm not in a position to donate
3:59 pm
$500 to the fisher house but would like to give something. go to bill o'reilly .com and click over to the fisher house by the way, i am sending youngsters u the document because of your patriotism. >> i believe you got your cock ess attitude from playing ice hockey. finally pin heads and patriots on valentine's day. president bush got a bit choked up while reading an old love letter from his wife. >> little did i know i was only trying to keep up 2:i love you. >> i love you too. why are we such cryers? snooki. >> you know what, you could be speaker of the house. >> bra


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